The European dealer market is on the verge of further consolidation

The European dealer market is expected to consolidate further over the next five years, with major dealer groups increasing their market share.

This is the conclusion of the research carried out by the icdp for the ANE. The Swiss group Emil Frey retains its number one place in the Top 50 and consolidates its representation on the import and retail market.

It invests heavily in its used car operations in the markets in which it operates, focusing on the retail and wholesale trade of used vehicles.

Penske Automotive’s European operations, excluding 50/50 joint ventures which are purely retail operations, again took second place in the Top 50 in 2020, with 80% of its European revenue coming from by Sytner.

The rest of the Top 10 is made up of a mix of large UK groups primarily retail and some VW Group import / retail groups in Europe.

ICDP chief executive Steve Young said the scale was increasing significantly across Europe. “In terms of outlook, we expect the consolidation process to continue, with potential cross-border activity within the Top 50, and more acquisitions of small groups and selected outlets by existing Top 50 players. 50.

“It enlarges the medium-sized groups and narrows the ranks of the smaller groups. There is still room for small owner-operators across Europe, but it will become more difficult for them as they have to invest to keep up with the evolution of products and processes.

“The size and professionalism of large groups will be an important catalyst for the transition to omnichannel retailing.

“Closer integration of dealers with OEMs to achieve this – including in some cases a move to the franchise agency – may be less acceptable for small groups and owner-operators than for large groups,” he said. he declared.

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