The beachhead market is not for fake drugs

Members of the Onitsha Drugs Dealers Association in Anambra State have insisted that the drug market in Onitsha Bridgehead is not a ‘dumpster’ where fake drugs and hard drugs are produced and sold .

The association was reacting to reports circulating that an agency known as the National Association of Nigeria Drugs Monitoring had recently raided the Onitsha Bridge market for counterfeit and expired drugs.

But at a market press conference on Thursday, association president Chukwuleta Ndubuisi called the report false, saying no agency had raided the market for counterfeit and adulterated drugs.

Ndubuisi, flanked by members of the association, has distanced himself from the production and distribution of counterfeit, expired, unhealthy, counterfeit and substandard drugs in the market popularly known as the “Ogbogwu Market”.

He pointed out that the group works in synergy and collaboration with regulatory agencies to ensure that counterfeit and adulterated drugs do not end up on the market.

He argued that the reports of drug dealers selling counterfeit and counterfeit products were the work of troublemakers wanting to reap where they had not sown.

The group added that they have also set up a task force in place that checks their members’ activities in terms of counterfeit and hard drugs and reports to NAFDAC and NDLEA.

Ndubuisi said: “Count us on the production, sale of counterfeit and adulterated drugs. We do not know the source of information of these rumormongers and peddlers, but we want to inform the general public through this that such an allegation is frivolous, baseless and cheap blackmail spread by faceless individuals to sabotage the Union efforts to ensure that the market was free of counterfeit medicines.

“It is common knowledge that this outgoing leader, led by my humble self, shortly took office, launched his task force across the market aimed at ridding it of all forms of counterfeit, expired, counterfeit and unhealthy, including narcotics and hard drugs.”

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