Schweizer finds a market with foreign military

Schweizer continues to deliver its 300C piston engine training helicopters to foreign armies in Senegal and El Salvador. The Senegalese Air Force took delivery of the first production 300C in July 2021, and in March it signed a follow-on contract with Schweizer for five more helicopters. The first aircraft of the follow-on contract was delivered in May, with the remaining deliveries expected before October.

The additional 300C helicopters will support the Senegalese Air Force flight training academy and will be used for ab initio, instrument and vertical reference training. Each is equipped for IFR flight training with Garmin GPS and ADS-B transponders, Bendix-King navcoms, and an RC Allen digital artificial horizon and directional gyroscopes. The helicopters also feature auxiliary fuel tanks to extend flight time to 6.4 hours, while two of them are equipped with cargo hooks for vertical reference and long line practice.

In April, Schweizer delivered a new basic VFR Schweizer 300C to the Salvadoran Air Force, the first new Schweizer helicopter delivered to the country of El Salvador since 1984. Ordered through local Schweizer dealer CZA, the aircraft will be used to provide ab initio flight training. Air Force pilots. The Salvadoran Air Force plans to purchase a new IFR-equipped Schweizer 300C by the end of the year, pending budget approval.

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