RV Dealers Prepare for Busy Sales and Service Season

HERMANTOWN, Minn. – As the spring weather takes its time reaching Northland, RV dealers are gearing up for a busy season.

Bullyan RV in Hermantown says the time has come for owners to get their campers out of winter storage and ready for the road.

Those doing their own prep work should clean the roof and check for leaks around sealants, and use the appropriate cleaner to remove antifreeze from pipes and hoses.

“We also recommend for campground hookups,” says parts manager Josh Garden, “we recommend surge protectors and water pressure regulators to make sure you’re protecting your on-board systems. We have all kinds accessories such as leveling blocks, wheel shock absorbers for trailers.And then as far as a tire pressure system isn’t as bad a thing to have when traveling to keep monitoring those tires too.

Garden adds that they offer a full spring package to get RVs ready for the season, but people can come to them for articles and tips on what they can do at home. “If you’re just doing generic sealant checks, winterizing, maybe just checking your bearings; I would say you’re probably looking at 2, 3, 4 hours max to do these elements.

For those looking to buy a motorhome, sales manager Andy Johnson says inventory has increased following shortages during the pandemic. It is recommended that people visit a dealership to supplement the information they can get online.

“The videos are great and get you started,” says Johnson, “but it always really helps to talk to someone who’s been doing this for a while. They can give you advice on things they’ve heard, and it always helps to talk to a real person, just for advice.

Johnson adds that it’s better to buy an RV at the start of a season rather than later. He points out that some of their dealership’s selection was priced last fall, which is cheaper than it is today. “In my mind, the RV you buy today will be cheaper than the RV you buy tomorrow. And so there are benefits to getting it now because you can enjoy it now.

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