Public Ventures LLC Completes First Public Company Financing as Broker-Distributor for Cue Biopharma, Inc. (Nasdaq: CUE)

DALLAS, TX/ACCESSWIRE/November 17, 2022/ Public Ventures, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of MDB Capital Holdings, LLCcompleted its first financing as a broker-dealer for Cue Biopharma, Inc. (NASDAQ: CUE).

The Public Ventures portion of the funding was completed through a private equity investment (PIPE) transaction with our community of experienced individual investors. Total funding for Cue Biopharma was approximately $30 million, with a significant portion coming from the public company community and institutional investors who had previously invested in Cue Biopharma. Full funding details are available at

“We are thrilled to close our first Public Ventures financing for an MDB Capital Group company co-founded over seven years ago with scientists at Albert Einstein College of Medicine,” said Christopher Marlett, CEO of MDB. Capital Holdings. “We are grateful to our community of member investors for enabling a value-added approach to financing visionary public companies that possess the potential to be market leaders in their technology category.”

About Public Ventures, LLC

Public Ventures is a member-driven investor community and broker clearing platform with a mission to support visionary public companies that have the potential to become market leaders in their technology category.

About MDB Capital Holdings, LLC

MDB was founded in 1997 with the goal of supporting visionary technology, inventors and tech entrepreneurs through a new form of public company that funds early-stage, pre-revenue companies through early public offerings, mostly listed on NASDAQ. After successfully launching 16 companies under this public company model, MDB is now able to increase the number of companies it can support through its unique process and community of investors.

MDB seeks to support the growth of the public venture capital market through its wholly owned subsidiaries Public Ventures, LLC (“Public Ventures”), PatentVest, Inc., and by incubating new visionary companies that go public through exclusively intended for MDB shareholders.

MDB is expanding the scope of Public Ventures, an SEC-registered broker and member of FINRA, to include self-clearing capabilities with a mission to create a value-added platform for investors and issuers.

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