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#TheBahamas, June 4, 2022 – Parliamentarians from across the political landscape, including the Upper and Lower Houses, participated in a one-day training session on law reform for the Bahamas, organized by the Department of Gender and Family Affairs, Ministry of Human Services and urban development, in collaboration with the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women).

Minister of State for the Ministry of Social Services and Urban Development, Hon. Lisa T. Rahming, said the session targeted parliamentarians across the country in recognition of the importance of legislative reform – including legislative frameworks – for the empowerment of women and girls. The session was moderated by Ms. Tonni Brodber, Representative of the UN Women Cluster Office for the Caribbean.

“UN Women is an international partner that over the years has supported the work program of the Department of Gender and Family Affairs as well as other agencies, and supported the country in a number of initiatives to for formulating strategies to address gender-based violence in the Bahamas for many years, and we are grateful to them. said Minister of State Rahming.

“Ms. Brodber has provided technical assistance to countries in the region on issues of gender equality and women’s empowerment and has extensive experience in human rights and development issues. My colleagues came to record numbers, they were engaged, they asked a lot of questions, and I’m sure they got a lot out of it, they got to see what we’re up against at the Department of Social Services and Urban Development with respect to the laws relating to children, boys, women and girls, and so now when we bring them (bill) to the table, they will be even more in tune with these laws and how they affect society at large .

The session covered a wide range of topics, including mainstreaming gender equality into the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), gender equality and women’s empowerment in the SDGs, a focus on on the Spotlight Initiative, CEDAW, Declaration of Human Rights, Convention of Belem Do Para, Better Policies for Gender-based Violence Legislation, Equality vs. Equity, Gender-responsive budgeting, and Understanding Gender and Gender equal, among many others.

Ms. Brodber said there were three main takeaways from the session, which was held at the Paul H. Farquharson Center.

“The first takeaway is to understand that gender equality is good for men and it’s good for women and it’s something that will support our economies and contribute to citizen security. The second is that legislation that does not reflect gender equality is not good for the Bahamas, it is not good for the Caribbean, it is not good for the world and in terms of fruits to at hand, like sexual assault legislation, is something that can be addressed and should be addressed. There are best practices throughout the region and The Bahamas is a leader in many areas. There should be no delay. And the third thing is that women and men, working together in Parliament for the people of the Bahamas, is the only way you can truly recover from COVID-19. »

Ms Brodber said local, regional and global societies benefit even more when there is equity and equality between the sexes – men and women, boys and girls.

“Something as simple as thinking about how long it takes to care for the elderly, children, disabled people, if it’s only for women, it means they’re not able to fully engage in other forms of working in society. This means that the government cannot benefit from their work. This means that communities are not also able to benefit from their work. It is an honor to be able to take care of his family and it is an honor that men should also be able to participate in.

“Another problem concerns violence. If you think women should be one sided and men should be one sided, you might find yourself in more fights as young men with other young men and demanding certain things. women because you think they should give it to you because you’re a man and they’re a woman. It’s not healthy for peaceful relationships.

Ms. Brodber congratulated the parliamentarians for their participation.

“I was truly excited and impressed with the parliamentarians in the Bahamas. They are dedicated to the people of the Bahamas, they are committed to ensuring that they represent their constituents effectively and they are open to learning anything and more. , but they’re rooted in their determination to serve their people in the best way they believe in. And that’s impressive.”

Attorney General, Senator, Hon. Ryan Pinder, was among the parliamentarians who participated in the session

“Personally, I am certainly an advocate for equal rights between men and women in all respects and for the protection of the most vulnerable. I therefore support the legislative amendments that we discussed during the session. We work closely with Social Services to propose any necessary changes to the topics covered. Overall, you must see it as the complete picture, providing the necessary protections for the most vulnerable and maintaining equality among your people,” the Attorney General said.

Photo caption: Ms. Tonni Brodber, representative of the UN Women Cluster Office for the Caribbean, pictured center left, addresses parliamentarians during Monday’s session at the Paul H. Farquharson Center. Minister of State for the Ministry of Social Services and Urban Development, Hon. Lisa T. Rahming, is center, right. The event was a collaboration between the Department of Gender and Family Affairs, the Ministry of Social Services and Urban Development and UN Women.

(BIS Photos/Mark Ford)

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