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It goes without saying that the upgrade from the original space to the modern dealer has many differences that are impossible to miss. Audience reaction was overwhelmingly positive, with many people stopping by just to see what the fuss was about.

With a guest lounge complete with a cappuccino bar, many guests are in no rush to leave. McElhone describes what people can expect: “There’s this

family atmosphere but with the scale and presence of a much larger urban dealership…people want to come and hang out with the staff in the salon, it’s a great environment.

The new dealership is not only impressing the public; it is also a success with the Nanaimo Mitsubishi team. McElhone explains, “Everyone now has their own office and proper training facilities upstairs in the conference room. It definitely improved everyone’s game and made it easier for us to give them the tools to succeed.

Many current staff have been there since planning began in 2015 and have been involved throughout the process. “I certainly used a lot of their feedback and consulted with them on a lot of the things we were changing.” McElhone continues: “It took years and years of planning and checking that we are doing it right. And finally, seven years later, they got to see it happen, so I think it’s been a pretty amazing experience for the staff to be part of the build.

Inviting everyone to stop by to see the new space, McElhone concluded, “We are so grateful to everyone in Nanaimo for supporting us. We couldn’t have done this without them. It was quite amazing to see.

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