Dodge’s Power Broker Direct network opens up to get your Mopar faster and under warranty

The Power Broker network is finally open for business. Dodge advertised the new Direct Connection program with fancy stuff like its Donut Maker stance, but performance enthusiasts should still take note. This dealer-supported system will allow Mopar owners to add factory-guaranteed power without voiding their warranty.

Dealerships aren’t the only way to get program information, either. Dodge owners can choose applicable parts for modern or classic cars and SUVs at We suggest using the VIN tool to filter out the parts, as the year, make, and model filters don’t seem to work perfectly yet.

Despite this, this program offers sincere performance gains without fear of voiding warranty coverage. Dodge will even sell you the parts that allow your Challenger Hellcat Redeye to make 885 horsepower (650 kW) and 787 lb-ft of torque (1067 Nm).

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“Today marks an important milestone for our brand – the Dodge Power Brokers dealer network and are up and running and ready to accept orders for Dodge factory-warranty Direct Connection performance parts,” said Tim Kuniskis. , CEO of the Dodge – Stellantis brand.

“Dodge Power Dealers are not only the exclusive source for direct-connect parts, but these dealerships have trained personnel to guide enthusiasts through potential direct-connect performance upgrades and then manage part installation. direct connection while maintaining the vehicle warranty. The network is rolling out with an initial group of nearly 100 dealers – that number will only grow,” he continued.

These 100 dealerships are spread across 34 states, not including Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, and Oklahoma (you can see the dealerships on this page here). It’s an interesting section of the nation to leave without a single dealer who can do this type of work. Living in Arkansas, I can tell you that this part of the country is full of the three Mopar products that Dodge will boost with the Direct Connection program, the Durango, Charger and Challenger.

Nonetheless, Dodge is also quick to point out that this is meant to be just the very beginning of its “Never Lift” campaign, which is a 24-month roadmap for the brand’s performance future. We’re guessing it will include some big reveals about the future of Dodge’s all-electric muscle car plans and more.

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