Arete Wealth is the fastest growing independent broker in the industry, 2022 investment survey reveals

Annual revenue jumped 82% in 2021, leading 136 companies surveyed

Survey ranks Arete Wealth #6 for alternative income

Arete Wealth Founder, CEO Joshua D. Rogers Attributes Impressive Growth to Exceptional Network of Financial Advisors, Focus on Alternatives and Acquisition of Center Street Securities

CHICAGO, May 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Arete Wealth is the fastest growing independent broker in the industry, according to a recent survey by respected trade publication Investment News.

Following its strategic acquisition in 2021 of Nashville, Tennessee.-based at Center Street Securities, Arete Wealth’s revenue a year ago soared to $82.7 million of $45.2 million in 2020; the 82% increase exceeded the 136 companies surveyed by Investment News.

In a separate space Investment News investigation category, the ChicagoNew York-based company ranked sixth in 2021 by revenue from alternatives ($28.7 million). Specialist in access to alternative investment for its clients, Arete Wealth has a recognized Art & Wine Advisory firm, an exclusive service for its financial advisors and clients. The group is considered the only one of its kind in the United States offered by a financial services company.

In addition to providing full-service brokerage services, Arete Wealth is also a registered investment advisor and insurance company.

“Being recognized as the fastest growing independent broker in Investment News’ annual survey is a proud and humbling experience for Arete Wealth,” said the CEO. Joshua D. Rogers who founded the company in 2007. “Our expansion reflects our commitment to providing valued Arete Wealth clients with investment opportunities they could not find elsewhere from the most knowledgeable financial advisors in the industry.”

Mr. Rogers also cited last year’s successful acquisition of Center Street Securities for Arete Wealth which landed at the top of the Investment News survey, noting that the deal has cemented Arete Wealth’s industry-leading position as a provider of alternative investments.

“With our new teammates at Center Street Securities making immediate contributions, we are uniquely positioned to provide clients with the highest level of wealth management service in the industry,” he said. “For these and many other reasons, I am extremely optimistic and confident that the best is yet to come for Arete Wealth, its investors and advisors.”

Investment News’ recognition of Arete Wealth’s growth is the most recent recognition of the company’s success. In April, Financial Advisor Magazine’s 2022 Independent Brokerage Survey, an analysis that assesses U.S. business growth based on annual gross income, found Arete Wealth ranked 35th, up eight spots from compared to a year ago. The company also performed well in another key FA Magazine category, ranking seventh in “gross revenue per rep” ($486,622).

And, earlier this month, Crain’s company in Chicago announced that Arete Wealth is a finalist in its 2022 “Fast 50” list of Chicago growing businesses.

Arete Wealth’s impressive past 18 months also included a November 2021 announces that it has entered into a unique two-year agreement with Masterworks, the provider of art investment securities. The agreement provided for the launch of a branch affiliated with New York City and for Arete Wealth to act as broker, underwriter and co-managing placement agent for all Masterworks art securities products offered for sale under principal offerings.

The new office, Arete Wealth’s first in New York City, operates under the Masterworks brand and participates as a syndicate member in any transaction that appoints Arete Wealth as co-manager. The transaction was reported by The Financial Times and several leading trade publications.

About Arete Wealth
Through its full-service broker, registered investment advisor and insurance units, Arete Wealth Inc. has been providing comprehensive and sophisticated wealth management services to investors, clients and partners since 2007. Chicagooffers high net worth investors access to a unique range of alternative investments in addition to providing services including investment banking, private equity programs and other traditional financial planning.

Arete Wealth manages over $6.0 billion of total assets through its 252 registered representatives in 92 offices across the United States. To learn more, visit

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