Waiting time for a bank loan

Obtaining a cash loan from a bank is generally a long and time-consuming route because it requires many formalities. Usually it also involves going to a bank. However, banks are aware that the client of the time is primarily focused on mobility – he wants to do everything as quickly as possible and from anywhere. Hence, more and more cash loans appear on the market that allow you to apply online. There are formalities that banks cannot eliminate. One of them is the need to provide an income certificate.

Cash loan with payment on the same day

Cash loan with payment on the same day

Banks stop making cash loans both. What’s more, you have to wait much less for a credit decision. After submitting the application online, we will know the initial credit decision within 10-15 minutes. Such declarations are made by Puttin Bank, Bank Millenial, Nerobank or DF CDS, however, that in the first bank after submitting the application, we can wait up to 48 hours for a consultant’s phone call. Money will be paid to us within 1 day.

Account with the borrower – money in 15 minutes

Account with the borrower - money in 15 minutes

However, the process of applying for a cash loan is still much shorter if we have an account in a given bank. Then the formalities are really kept to a minimum. When submitting an application, we do not need to attach an income certificate to it. It is enough that the payment is regularly topped up with our payment. The bank will check its monthly inflows and on this basis will calculate our creditworthiness. After issuing a positive credit decision, the money can be credited to our account within 15 minutes. However, even as a regular customer, we must meet certain conditions when it comes to the period of receiving remuneration for a given account. For example, CreditCole requires systematic inflows for at least 6 months. The customers of mBank will have to wait even more for an additional injection of money. When submitting an application via a transaction service or mobile application, they will have to wait only 30 seconds for cash. However, the condition for quick payout is good cooperation with the bank, i.e. a monthly salary transfer and good credit history at the Credit Information Bureau (BIK).