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The 'effect' speakers used in Home theatre systems help generate the ambience, space and direction of some sounds that makes movies appear so real.

They can also create some challenges when it comes to positioning them in a listening room. The seating arrangements and proximity to rear and sidewalls are just two points to consider before you decide what radiation pattern is required and whether the boundary walls themselves need to be used to spread the sound and create the spatial illusion that convinces you someone is creeping up close in a scary movie.

Image covers these options with two conventional models that are also stand alone Monitors, plus an on-wall model, LPM One.

The 401 Monitor and Studio Reference are direct radiating Image speakers that can be shelf mounted or supported and correctly angled into the listening room by quality wall brackets, perfect as rear effect speakers. Both models use Morel drivers and have the 'Image signature' for seamless sound integration.

The LPM One offers another solution and is a slim profile on-wall mounted speaker that also uses Morel drivers. Your options are all covered with Image.

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