Rolling loan – what does it mean?

Rolling loans, or what? Taking another consumer loan to pay off the first commitment and then the next one to give back the previous one over and over again is the easiest way to describe the phenomenon of rolling. The situation results from the inability to pay the amounts due within the period specified in

Payday Installment loans ranking

First place in the loans ranking – Askart Similarly to last month, Askart took the first place in the loans ranking with the highest rating of 10. This lender offers a maximum loan amount of up to 5000 PLN. The commitment can be spread over convenient installments over a period of 24 months. This is

Free loan – 800 or 1600 PLN?

A free loan is a solution available to people who have not yet used the services of a given non-bank company and this is their first commitment. This means that the payday amount is not increased by commission or interest. Apparently, therefore, thanks to saving on additional fees, we should have less problems with paying

How do you get your first loan?

June 5, 2017 We are one of the countries whose inhabitants most often decide to take financial commitments. The report ‘Financial Attitudes of Europeans’, commissioned by the KRUK Group and prepared by Millward Brown in 2016, indicates that in the last three years as much as 48 percent Poles took out a loan or a